a couple splitting up, seeking an uncontested divorce

Have you and your spouse agreed to get a divorce? Yet you want to keep it friendly?

Divorce is not much fun. It tends to bring visions of arguments, disagreements, anger, strained relationships, and an uncertain future.

But some couples are wise enough to agree to disagree, to separate quickly and without rancor. They agree on how to split their assets, only needing an attorney to walk them through the legal process to getting their divorce papers.

Divorce lawyer Bernd Stittleburg helps people like you process all of the court-required formal divorce documents, obtain the Final Divorce Decree and move on with your life.

As a divorce attorney in metro Atlanta, Georgia, my goal is to take the stress away from the divorce process. We will discuss how Georgia’s laws may affect your decisions regarding a divorce and walk you through filing for divorce.

Free Initial Consult about your Uncontested Divorce

We will meet to review your case and discuss how the divorce process works. If your case does not fit into the uncontested process, I will refer you to a litigation attorney who specializes in divorce trials.

If this is your situation, I invite you to call me, your Atlanta divorce attorney Bernd Stittleburg, for a free consultation. My law firm is unique in that I have a mobile office, we can arrange to meet at a location close to where you live or work.

Call me today at 770-396-4323 for your appointment or email me with your question. I will do my best to provide you with a qualified and helpful answer.